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About Me:.   Harrison Castaneda Films

Eight years ago, in the vibrant streets of Colombia, a young individual discovered a deep fascination with cameras and a flair for creativity. This newfound passion sparked a journey that would lead them to become a skilled video editor and videographer.

Starting out with a camera in hand, they began capturing moments and slowly honing their craft. As their skills grew, so did their love for storytelling through visuals. Their journey eventually brought them to the United States, where they sought to expand their horizons and share their unique perspective on wedding films.

With each wedding film they create, they pour their heart and expertise into preserving the most precious moments for couples. What started as a passion for cameras has evolved into a career defined by artistic vision and a commitment to authentic storytelling.


But their journey wasn't limited to wedding films alone. Along the way, they gained valuable experience working as a social media content manager and digital marketing photographer and videographer for a variety of events. Their ability to create compelling visual narratives translated seamlessly into the world of business, where they helped clients tell their stories and engage audiences through captivating visuals.

Photo of a videographer
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